Veronica Flowers

With over 500 species there are many more Veronicas used as garden plants than as cut flowers, as most are short-stemmed or ground covers. The exceptions are V. virginica and V. spicata. V. virginica, also called Culver’s Root, has long spikes filled with small, white, tubular flowers.

There can be 6 or more spikes per branch. The root, as the name suggests, was used as an herbal remedy for stomach upsets. V. spicata has one spike per branch that may be white, blue or pink in colour; flower-heads are long, sometimes curved spikes with the lowest flowers opening first. Leaves of both species are long and lance-shaped and a soft olive-green in colour.

Veronicas are grown in polyhouses. Supplies come mostly from Victoria, Qld and NSW. Order online at call us on 08 9388 8844 or come into our Perth shop at 111 Newcastle Street Perth WA 6000